Wrecker Towing

Wrecker towing usually means towing with heavy duty tow trucks, there are however those who use the term wrecker towing to mean just any old type of towing.
At Silver Towing we have charged ourselves with providing to class, comprehensive towing services to the local community at Etobicoke. If you find yourself stranded next to a broken down vehicle (no matter what kind) and are in or in the vicinity of Etobicoke just call on us and allow us to provide you with just the type of service you hope to get.

A Tow is a Tow

Years of experience has taught us at Silver Towing that no type of tow job is to be considered mundane and risk free. Even the most basic, light duty, local tow must be handled with utmost professionalism or things may very well go wrong. This is why we employ only highly trained tow techs who take wrecker towing very seriously. All our techs are certified, highly experienced and service oriented, just the kind of professionals you want at your side when your vehicle is in need of a tow. We operate an extensive fleet of wreckers (tow trucks), this ensures we always have someone ready to respond to your call.

There are no Exempt Times

There is no season of the year or hour of the day exempt from the possibility of having your vehicle unexpectedly break down or, even worse, involved in a traffic accident leaving it immobilized. At Silver Towing we are well aware of this and so we offer 24/7 wrecker towing services. Our dispatch is manned non-stop, rain or shine, any hour of the day or night. Once we receive your call and have gathered all the details regarding the kind of tow you need one of our techs will be sent over, our extensive fleet of state of the art tow trucks guarantees one of us will be with within 30 min.

Silver Towing is the kind of wrecker towing company you want at your side when you need a vehicle towed, whatever type of vehicle it is. Our top class service comes at hard to beat prices thanks to uncompromising efficiency and an honest billing policy.

Whether long distance or local, light, medium or heavy duty, planned in advance or an emergency, Silver Towing is here to provide you with the wrecker towing solution you need. We guarantee fast, professional service, and all for the lowest prices available.