Transponder Car Key Programming Services in Etobicoke

Silver Towing Specializes in Transponder Car Key Programming Solutions

Silver Towing is a comprehensive auto assistance service provider which works around the clock in order to provide its range of towing and emergency services whenever they are needed. Our teams are always available – 24/7, every day of the year.  We are proud of our speedy service and guarantee a fast response, estimated arrival time of 30 minutes to all calls in the area.

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At Silver Towing we emphasize professionalism, because in our field it is essential that any work carried out is done by professionally trained and certified technicians.  Your safety and the safety of your vehicles is in our hands and we take that very seriously.  Our team can take care of anything from fuel refill to transponder car key programming.

You might have had to have a transponder car key programmed and you might be wondering what a transponder key actually is and why you need one, so here is a short explanation:

Do I Really Need A Transponder Key?

Most models of cars from 1997 onward have transponder keys.  These keys contain special technology which makes them much more secure than the old fashioned standard keys.  The key corresponds with a part that is fitted in the car’s ignition system, which is called the responder.  This is where the name of the system, “transponder” comes from – the transmitter, which is inside the actual key and the responder, which is in the car.

So now you know the reason why – security.

How Does It Work?

Each key contains a small non-volatile memory microchip (that is the type of computer memory that is able to hold saved data even if the power is turned off).  There is a unique serial number saved in the microchip which is programmed to be transmitted to the responder, once the key has been inserted. After the number is verified as recognized by the responder the car engine can be started.

Why Do I Need To Have My Transponder Car Key Programmed?

There are several reasons to have your transponder car key programmed.  This is something that our locksmiths are experienced in so there is no need to worry, the Silver Towing team can help you. We have the equipment that is required to program the keys and the technician takes it with to all calls, in our fully equipped vans.

You will need to have a transponder key programmed if:

  • You want to have your existing car key duplicated
  • You have lost your key and need to have a new key made
  • Your key is broken and you need to have a new one made
  • You want to rekey all your car doors, trunk and ignition keys

Transponder key programming is not as simple as it looks and it is essential to program the key correctly otherwise the car will not start.  It may sound complex, but it is worth the peace of mind that comes with the security of having transponder keys.

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