Quality, Affordable and Reliable Private Property Towing Services in Etobicoke

 Are you a property owner or resident in Etobicoke always distressed about car owners randomly leaving their vehicles on your property or driveway for extended periods of time? Are you in need of a towing company that not only does a good job but also makes sure that conflict is resolved at the earliest possible opportunity? Do you believe that as a property owner, awareness of basic laws is a must and those unaware should always be held accountable for their actions? If you answered yes to one or all questions, then this page is for you!

 Silver Towing is a dedicated private property towing company that aims to provide assistance to all property owners and residents in the Etobicoke area. Since we are well aware that some haphazard drivers are not too keen on reading (or simply following) road/street signs, our staff is always alert and on the lookout for any clients who are in need of private property tows during any time of the day. We are fully operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and our phone operators will never put you on hold—that’s a guarantee.

 We’ve Got Private Property Owners Covered

 Our service is open to all private property owners and all privately owned establishments—schools, supermarkets or groceries, office buildings or complexes, residential complexes, college campuses, fast food parking lots, even driveways. Property owners also don’t have to worry about getting fussed about all of the paperwork involved, since our company provides complete and proper documentation and will gladly lobby between the property owner and the car owner.

 Professional Services are Guaranteed from Us

 When you decide to call us to help impound illegally parked cars, we can guarantee that we’ll do it the only way we can—in the smoothest way possible and the least amount of hassle for you, the property owner. Our servicemen are also well versed about legal issues when it comes to private property towing and will help you sort through any misunderstandings if they ever arise.

 Call Us Now!

 For hassle-free private property towing services, delivered to you in thirty minutes or less, call Silver Towing now! We are always glad to serve the local community of Etobicoke.