Professional Open Trunk Service in Etobicoke

It is quite impossible to imagine a car without a trunk. Where would you put the groceries? Where would you put your kids’ schoolbags? Trunks are a great storage place for many things. They have become such an inseparable part of modern cars that we take them for granted. This is why when trunks get stuck, as they always do at one inconvenient point or another, and can not be opened, people get stirred up and start looking for fast solutions.

Silver Towing – unlocking jammed trunks

Sure, you can try and force your car trunk open. Chances are you will cause more damage than it has already sustained. Car trunks have sensitive mechanisms that, when mishandled, can get completely ruined. If you thought you had it bad, try replacing the entire latch mechanism on your trunk.

If you are experiencing car trunk difficulties anywhere in Etobicoke you would be best advised to contact a certified and professional service provider, such as Silver Towing.

When relying on Silver Towing to open your car trunk you know you can benefit from these advantages:

–       Immediate response: our call center is available 24/7. Any time you need us due to a jammed car trunk one of our professional operators will be there to receive your call. Once you place your call a certified professional will be by your side within 30 minutes. This is how fast we get things done.

–       Professional and trustworthy technicians: Silver Towing’s locksmiths go through extensive background checks and through comprehensive training processes before they hit the road. This means you will get a professional solution by someone you can trust.

–       Fair pricing: Silver Towing maintains a Fair Pricing Policy to make sure expert services are available to Etobicoke car owners for reasonable fees and rates. Ask for a free quote when you talk to one of our operators and see for yourself!

Silver Towing – a world of professional automotive locksmith services

Besides expertly taking care of jammed car trunks and opening them without any additional damage or marks, our team of proficient experts will gladly provide Etobicoke motorists with our premium automotive locksmith services:

  •        Car key re-cut services
  •        Transponder key reprogramming
  •        Car keys replacement
  •        Broken ignition key extraction
  •        Bent or broken car keys replacement
  •        Unlocking jammed doors
  •        And much more