Expert Light Duty Towing Services in Etobicoke 

Everyone who has ever owned a car has had, at one point or another, the dubious pleasure of having their car towed. Sitting helplessly by, waiting for a tow truck to arrive and save the day, is never fun.

What is light duty towing and why is it needed?

Light duty towing usually refers to the towing of private cars as opposed to heavy duty towing, which refers to the towing of large and heavy vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, etc.

Light duty towing can be done by amateurs although it is always advisable to get the help of trained professionals. Some of the more commonly known light duty towing methods are wheels-lift towing, flatbed towing, and dolly towing.

Light duty towing may be required due to car related issues, such as mechanical failures, accidents, dead car batteries, out of gas situations, and so on and so forth. However, sometimes the fault does not lie with the car itself. When drivers suddenly feel under the weather, when drivers have had one drink too many, or in any other situation when a driver is not fit to drive, light duty towing services are necessary.

Why choose Silver Towing?

If you find yourself in need of light duty towing anywhere in Etobicoke and its vicinity Silver Towing is the perfect answer as it offers these important advantages to Etobicoke drivers:

–       Availability and quick response times: 24/7 available call center and a 30Min. ETA by one of several on-call teams make sure you will get the solution you need exactly when you need it, without wasting precious time.

–       Professionalism and reliability: we put our technicians through extreme scrutiny and examination alongside rigorous training procedures. This ensures you will get the best, most professional, and most reliable service you can expect.

–       Fair pricing: Silver Towing has a Fair Pricing Policy in order to provide professional services to Etobicoke motorists for affordable rates.

additional expert automotive locksmith services

Other than light duty towing services our fully equipped crews will be happy to offer you any number of our professional roadside assistance services:

  •        All towing types and distances
  •        Flat tire change
  •        Car lockouts and out of gas situations
  •        Car key recut and replacement services
  •        Transponder key reprogramming
  •        Broken ignition key extraction
  •        Unlocking jammed doors