Professional Heavy Duty Towing in Etobicoke

So far as heavy duty towing is concerned professionalism is key. Trusting anyone who does not possess the necessary knowhow, experience and equipment with carrying out a heavy duty tow is a plain and simple dangerous thing to do. The excessive forces exerted on both the rig and the towed vehicle must be managed correctly in order to ensure that no damage is caused or, even worse, bodily harm inflicted.

Silver Towing is a well known market leader in the field of auto towing, we have been providing comprehensive towing services to the motoring community of Etobicoke for many years. If you are in or anywhere in the vicinity of Etobicoke and require a heavy duty tow your best choice is to call on us. From Silver Towing you are sure to receive highly professional service for a highly competitive price.

Separating the Men from the Boys

Heavy duty towing is a good example of something that requires a level of proficiency only well seasoned professionals possess. At Silver Towing we employ only top of their field tow techs, we assign heavy duty towing jobs only to those among them who have first gathered enough experience and have learned the ropes from their more veteran colleagues.
If you need a heavy vehicle towed, whether it’s a mobile home, a minibus, a truck or any other extraordinarily cumbersome vehicle, you should make sure to place the job in the hands of those who know what they’re doing, Silver Towing is exactly the kind of towing services provider you want handling a heavy duty tow for you.

Careful Does Not Mean Slow

It is true that heavy duty towing requires things be done extra cautiously, but at Silver Towing we do not believe this should make the whole operation more time consuming. We believe that it is possible to be both meticulous and fast, it is just a matter of proficiency. With Silver Towing the job will be completed to your fullest satisfaction, in record time.

Reliable, Always Available, Quick and Competitively Priced

Silver Towing has earned a well deserved reputation for being one of the leading towing services providers in Etobicoke. We work nonstop (24/7 all year round) so that we are there for you anytime you may need us. We guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location in or around Etobicoke, we are fast, reliable and charge rates that are extremely hard to beat.