Top Quality Cheap Tow Truck Service

No, there is no contradiction, Silver Towing has proven that it is possible to offer the uniquely diverse community of Etobicoke comprehensive towing services which are both top quality and cheap.You may be asking yourself how this is possible? Doesn’t providing better service inevitably mean higher expenditure which, in turn, requires higher pricing? Well, the way we do it is by constantly improving the way we operate, cutting overhead to a bare minimum and allowing our clients to benefit from this rather than just rake in greater profits for ourselves.

Being the Most Professional Isn’t Enough For Us

We at Silver Towing are well known for our uncompromising professionalism.
Towing should only be carried out by expert tow techs who know how to get the job done without endangering themselves or others and without ever causing damage to the towed vehicle.But for us it has never been enough to just lead the field in terms of quality of service, we have always striven to set low rates which are practically unbeatable. Over the last decade we managed to slowly but consistently improve our overall efficiency. Today we can proudly declare that we truly do provide more for less, better, more professional towing services for lower rates.

You Need Not Compromise

Being the veteran providers of towing and roadside assistance services that we are, we at Silver Towing know very well that our services may become needed unexpectedly at any time.We know that in order to provide Etibicoke’s residents, business owners and visitors with the type of towing and roadside services they require we must be able to provide them ASAP, at any time, day or night, rain or shine, weekdays, weekends or holidays. This is why we never close up shop, we operate 24/7 each and every day of the year and have a large enough fleet to ensure we always have at least one manned tow truck on standby.

The constant availability of our cheap tow truck service means that you needn’t ever compromise and reconcile yourself to paying more for less. Whenever you may require our services we will always be ready and eagerly waiting to provide you with the best possible solution for a price that’s impossible to match.

100% Reliability

With Silver Towing you need not worry about reliability, we hold a prefect track record regarding this important aspect of our field. Anyone in need of towing services must be able to rely on the towing company they choose to live up to all that they promise to do. There is nothing worse than to be left stranded standing next to an immobilized vehicle waiting for a tow truck which the towing company’s dispatch promised will arrive hours ago.
At Silver Towing we guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location in Etobicoke!