Silver Towing Etobicoke

Silver towing is dedicated to providing the community of Etobicoke with any and all auto wrecker, towing and roadside assistance services all of us require on occasion. We have earned a well deserved reputation as providers of reliable, top quality, competitively priced services 24 hours a day all year round.

Roadside Assistance Must be Handled Professionally

At Silver Towing Etobicoke we are well aware of how important it is to have towing jobs carried out by skilled professionals who are equipped with top of the range, perfectly maintained gear. This is why we only employ highly trained, certified and experienced tow techs. Our extensive fleet consists of state of the art rigs, all regularly inspected and maintained in order to ensure all our equipment is consistently in perfect working order.

Our Services include:

When a vehicle breaks down unexpectedly or is, unfortunately, involved in a road accident instant availability is called for. At Silver Towing we operate a 24/7 dispatch always on the ready to receive your call. The size of our fleet guaranties a 30 ETA, once at your side our highly skilled, service oriented techs will go on to solve the situation for you faster than anyone else can.

Comprehensive Towing Solutions

There are many kinds of towing, many tow jobs are unique, especially when emergency towing is involved.
As any top quality towing company should we offer any type of towing service. Whether local or long distance, light, medium or heavy duty, tow by dolly or flatbed, we are well versed at all of these and more.

In Need of Assistance?
Silver Towing Etobicoke provides comprehensive roadside assistance services. If you get locked out of your car, run out of gas, got a flat tire, drained your battery or encounter any other kind of road related problem just give us a call to help get you back on track as quickly as humanly possible.

Our address in Etobicoke: 90 Judge Rd., Unite 2, Etobicoke ON , M8Z 5B4. Phone: (647) 794-3586

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